Sunday, September 18, 2011

ah summer, how I'll miss thee.

We went to Bear Lake over the weekend and it was autumn up there.  I thought it was because we were farther up in the mountains, but no.  It is fall here in Logan too.  I love the crisp mornings and to feel the sun filtering through a cool breeze.  I love jacket weather!  I love thinking about Halloween and deciding what to dress up as (Yes, I AM an adult that still dresses up).  I love pumpkin pie and peach dessert and hot cider.  I love to see the leaves changing colors and putting an extra blanket on the bed. But here's the thing...

Winter always comes next. Slush, and wet pant hems, and frozen ears, and smog.  The only time during the winter I am warm is in bed or in the shower.  And in Logan  it. lasts. six. months. GUH!

But lets not think about that right now.  Lets think about crunchy leaves and candy corns and beautiful shelves of newly canned peaches and crocheting new hats and football and hoodies.  mmm.