Sunday, February 6, 2011


alright, here's what I've got for my living room:

Sheet set, 25$(ROSS) Couch makeover
-the queen set was significantly  cheaper than the King, which was really the size I needed.  So I just yanked the elastic out of the fitted sheet and sewed the two sheets together.

Upholstery Tacks for the couch, a dollar for 30 at WalMart

Safety pins for the couch, 2 dollars and change.

Window to put on the wall, FREE

Spraypaint to paint the window, 4 bucks

Pillow Forms for new pillows, 7 dollars at for 3 at the thrift store

Fabric, buttons and thread for the pillows, 30 dollars *gulp,choke!*

Curtains and a curtain rod, 40 dollars

Grand total: 111$

Work I'm about to put idea.

New Awesomeness, priceless