Thursday, March 3, 2011

LAME! Me, I'm the lame one

Man, sometimes I think my brain went down the drain with the bathwater! 

First thing in the morning yesterday, I got a call from the orchard guy I called the day before.  He said "sure, I have some crates that I'd be willing to part with....for 5 bucks."  My husband punched me in the leg on his way out the door to class, (which I took as his stamp of approval) and I told the man I'd be right down.  NO LONGER FREE.  Oh well, still cheaper than getting the crates at the antique store.  This is the end of the part of the story where everything is going my way.

The rest of the day went like this:
-I got stuck in Orchard Guy's driveway.  He had to push me out.
-While finishing up another project, I didn't want the gluey thing inside the lid of my Mod Podge to fall out when I tipped it on to the bottle.  Solution?  Tip the bottle of course!!  My brain forgot it was full.
-While testing the spaghetti for dinner, I threw the fork against the wall instead of the noodle.
-oh yeah, and I froze the salad.

Usually I don't have that many revelations of my true hair color in one day.  But I guess as long as we are celebrating life we may as well laugh at ourselves.  Or maybe just me...