Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's day....

I love my dad.

He made sure I knew how to take care of myself.  He taught me to unclog drains, check the oil in my car, start a fire, and work hard.  When I was single he always made sure I was eating well and taking care of myself when we talked on the phone.  Now that I am married, more than once I have been shopping in his storage room.

He taught me to have fun: he took us camping, canoeing, gave us underdogs, and took us on the best vacations ever.  When we were little he built us a playground in the backyard that was the envy of the whole neighborhood. We got to go to mountain man rendezvous, swimming at pools his company built, rappelling off the side of his office building.  One year, he carved his pumpkin from the bottom so he could stick it on his head.  He has won water fights and cheezeball stuffing contests.  He makes pumpkin sculptures and dresses up for halloween.  Even long car trips were okay cause we had his made-up license plate game.

My dad is proud of me and loves me.  When I was in China he put up a picture of me on the OUTSIDE of his office door, so that everyone else could see how cool I was.  Now he puts up pictures of my baby, and asks for new ones.  He and my mom frame things us kids have drawn and put them in their house.

I love my dad.  He is the coolest dad of all the game!