Friday, May 13, 2011


I LOVE today!  Shorts, sandals, sunblock, strollers, and SUNSHINE!!  Hopefully sun-tan lines to follow soon.  Took muffin and Hunk swimming and had SO much fun!  Muffin loved it!  So splashy!  He didn't even complain that it was a little chilly since the pool was in the shade. 

On days like this I am amazed that I get to live on this earth.  Heavenly Father is so amazing!  The little things baffle me on days like today.  Like the grass turning from brown, back to green.  The flowers popping their little heads up through ground packed hard from months of freezing snow.  Tiny new leaves on the trees.  HOW does he DO that?! It just reminds me of His Awesome power and his tender mercies.  After the barren dreariness of a long winter, seeing the tulips makes me think of spring as a reminder of what Heaven is like.  A tiny taste of Eden, just for me.