Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh sweat....how I loathe thee

So, I know i'm supposed to  exercise and drink a lot of water and all that jazz.  But here's the truth: I am not good at those things.  Luckily, my near-by cousin is a little more motivated than me and we have been working out together.  Here's our schedule so far:

Day 1: get shredded by Jillian Michaels*
Day 2: Healing Yoga for aches and Pains
Day 3: Shredded again*
Day 4: didn't get out of bed.  Bought work out clothes.
Day 5: playdate at work out time....help children develop socially
Day 6: Shredded.*
*getting shredded is always followed by a nap.  It doesn't warn you about that on the cover.

GUH! I don't know how some people enjoy it so.  I am hoping that I will at least get used to it.  Probably I will get the abs jillian promises, only to have them ripped apart again the next time I get pregnant.  Boo.  I'm going to go eat ice cream