Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You know you want one of these bad boys!  I'm so proud of myself for coming up with it, I don't know if I want to share:)  Anyway, here we go.  THIS IS MY FIRST TUTORIAL, so don't be hatin on me!

This is a cord caddy.  It hides all your cords so no one has to see them AND the baby can't get to them!

Here we are at the beginning.  That is my SEPARATED zipper. Separated means it comes totally apart like a coat. The fabric I am going to attach it to is 11 inches wide and 38 inches long and the zipper is 36 inches.  Gotta know the thing to find those, I tell ya! 

Now we are going to put 4 button holes in the corners of the fabric.  Do them 1 1/2inch inches from the edge  and half an inch from the end so you have room to A) hem and B) sew on the zipper. I didn't put pictures because I have an inferior, made up way of doing button holes because my machine is so old it doesn't have a buttonhole setting.

When your holes are done, fold up a half inch, two times and sew along the INSIDE edge.  This will give you both the hem and the casing for your drawstring.  Do this on both sides.  Be careful not to sew your button holes closed!

Now, we pin on the zipper.  I BASTE(big stitches,
 easier to pick out if you mess up) the back of the zipper to the front of my fabric, right along the edge.

If that works out then I fold the zipper to the back, which makes a nice edge on the front of the caddy, and sew the whole thing again with smaller stitches(you can unzip this kind of zipper to sew it)
Once you have done that on both sides all you have to do is put in the drawstring!

Here is me, sewing on the floor with my old-school machine. 

And there she is!  The baby toy is for perspective.  The drawstring is to keep it from all slouching down to the middle.

AND there she is again!  The cords you see are for the mouse and the keyboard. The coils of the internet cord didn't fit :(  If you want your powerstrip to fit inside you want the fabric a little wider.  I am constantly getting at my powerstrip so it didn't make sense to have it caught away.