Friday, September 21, 2012

happy day!

AB Porter, Robert T

   Got to talk to Robert for 45 minutes today!   He is doing sooo great!   His flight is probably
going to get Warrior Flight and is in the running for the PT award and Honor Flight(no flight in
the history of Lackland has gotten all 3).   He got just over 9 minutes on his 1.5 mile run, the 3rd highest score on his written exam and is eligible for Honor Grad.   Only 4 people from his flight of 56 or so will get it, and if more than that qualify I'm not sure how the MTI will choose.   There is one more locker evaluation to cut down the competition, but Robert says he is sooo stinking good at rolling shirts that he rolls for other people sometimes.   So proud of him.   He asked me to bring him chocolate...

Honestly, who is THAT good at BOOT CAMP!?  3 more days until I get to kiss that face!