Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOOT! Reveal time!

I am so excited about my new bookshelf!  I have been wanting one for sometime, but if you want one that's not going to fall apart when you move it then they are expensive! So when I saw this on the Nate Berkus "No money Makeovers" segment, I was pretty stoked.  Now, mine was not quite so free as Nate's, since I have no wine crates available to me.  BUT I was able to get some old apple crates from an orchard.  I had to pay 5$ a piece and clean them up, but in the end it is much more sturdy and awesome than this high quality product.  This Momma LOVES getting quality for a stellar price. Plus it's lightweight and OH-SO shabby-posh.  And who doesn't like that?!  So, ladies, here she is!

Member the guitar case? And see my new phone too?  It totally works!

I personally think it turned out even better than the one on TV!  Oh, and sorry about the laundry going on in the background.  But lets just not pretend with each other, k?

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