Monday, January 24, 2011

oh life!

So, here I sit, waiting for Hunk to come home from work, trying to entertain Muffin and just thinking.  So, here are some of my thoughts:

This mom stuff is TOUGH!  I never knew.  How did my mom do it?  I call her about every other day to ask her questions.  "um, Muffin's head looks leprous."  "What should I do when I find Muffin sucking on the dog?"  "How did YOU raise children that were well behaved?"  "Should I be worried if..."  Today I have a boy that needs held all the time because he has an ouchy mouth and a stingy rashy bum.  How do you moms ever get anything done with a cranky baby?  Don't get me wrong, I did stuff today.  Like, sit on the couch and watch "American Pickers" while I tried to calm and feed Muffin.  I worked on my awesome windows while he slept.  And what are we doing now?  Well, I am writing this and muffin has discovered a newspaper.  Best discovery since splashing!  Did I eat lunch? No. Did I exercise? No.  Do I have dinner in the oven for my hard-workin man? No.  Did I set up Visiting Teaching appointments, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, or sew on my project? No.  ALL I did was strip half a window.  But really, is it?

Just because I didn't get everything on my list done today, doesn't mean I did nothing.  Muffin needed me today.  He needed a rock-a-bye, and more diaper changes than usual.  He needed the blowout scrubbed out of his shirt and undershirt.  He needed an extra snuggle with Mamma.  He needed to NOT be in his jumper on account of his poor bum.  So, do I feel bad about today?  Not really.  I wish the poor guy wasn't sick, but I am happy to take care of him.  I will trade good housekeeper for good momma any day. 

Sorry about dinner, love

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