Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Nate Berkus, how could you?!

While I was watching the show today I was introduced to the new love-of-my(materialistic)life:

It is a book shelf made out of wooden crates.   LOVE!!  And I was DOUBLY excited because it was from his "no money makeover" segment.  Let's face it, we all love a good freebee, right?  And it would go SO GREAT with my "new" window(which I still haven't finished due to the unforgiving nature of Logan winters).  So, Nate used free wine crates from the liquor store.  SWEET.  There's one of those near my house.  So, I called them...NO!?!?  I melted like a watery witch into a puddle of broken dreams.  Apparently  Utahns only buy cheap wine that is shipped in cardboard...That doesn't work for me.  After visiting a thrift store, an antique store(25 bucks for an empty box!? It didn't even have "coke" on the side!) a Dairy(you'd THINK a dairy would have milk crates) and the Pallet and stinkin' CRATE store, I finally had to admit my defeat.  Also, stuff was closing by then and my baby was hungry.  Ebay sells them, but that totally defeats the purpose of a "no money makeover."  BAH.  Now what?  I guess I can call some orchards, but I'll have to go clear through the canyon to get anything they might have.  The dream was born and murdered before I even had the chance to tell my husband how free it was...*sniff*