Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh babies!

So on Saturday we were hanging out with our best friends and decided to go eat lunch together.  So we went over to the A&W and got burgers and Root Beer Floats.  Muffin was not super happy with his toys, nor a napkin, and just really needed to sit on my lap and eat some bread.  So I pushed things out of his reach and put him on my lap.  He was there for about one minute before he lunged forward, grabbed the handle of my frosted mug, and dumped the whole thing all down him.  He was quite surprised at how cold it was; he has never experienced ice cream before.  He was soaked.  The diaper bag had root beer puddles in the bottom and ice cream on the straps and zipper.  The bench, and consequently my pants, were wet also.  There was root beer on the floor, the blanket, the toy in his lap, and the next booth over.  As I handed him to Hunk so I could try to clean up, he made a mad grab for Hunk's burger as well!  I guess I should get the message:
"mom, if you are eating real food, I HAD BETTER be eating it too!"  The boy loves his food.