Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am the poop-checker.
The nose wiper.
I'm the one who gets snot and spit-up all over myself.
I stick my finger in tiny slobbery mouths to fish out choking hazards.
I change the sheets when pee and blowouts soak through diapers and pajamas.
I get up in the middle of the night and can make bottles in my sleep.
I make weird faces when I try to feed mush to the baby.
I clean the mush out of the babies toes, ears, hair, etc.
GROSS! Why didn't anyone ever tell me THAT part of being a mom?

Because, that's not what being a mom is really about.

It's about finally seeing that face you've been thinking of for months and months.  It's about neck snuggles, first smiles and laughs.  It's about the feeling you get when your baby leans out and reaches for you.  It's about getting to do for HIM all the things my mom did for me.

She taught me how to crack an egg.  I always got to help stir and dump, and I even had my own tiny apron.
She taught me how to make home made bread.
She taught me that you don't have to grow out of being silly and having fun.
She taught me that prayers get answered.
She put diapers on my dollies and pop in my teapot.
She taught me how to whistle.  LOUD.
She taught me that you were only pulling weeds the right way if you're fingers were getting dirty.
She didn't get mad when I pulled things that WEREN"T weeds.
She taught me that the bathroom was not clean if there were still "furries and dusties" on the baseboard behind the toilet(that one took a long time for me)
She taught me that your siblings should be your best friends.
She showed me what it REALLY meant to be a Visiting Teacher.
She taught me that it always turns out ok in the end if you rely on the Lord.

How, oh how, can I measure up?  I want so badly to be a good mom, and I really am trying.  It's a good thing I have the best example ever.  Thanks Mom.
Looks like I'm doin' alright so far!