Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confessions of a slacker mom...

I don't bathe the baby every day.  And if we are going to Grandma's he gets an extra coat of lotion so she won't ask when the last time I bathed him was.

Sometimes he stays in his jammies all day too.

Sometimes I lay the baby down when he isn't tired, simply because I am tired.  There's a chance he will lay there and play nice for a while, right?

The baby likes the dog toys better than his own.  Sometimes I let him play with them.

Best Friends
I don't run the dishwasher until we are out of spoons.

Since Hunk cooks and does dishes on the weekend, I usually leave any pots and pans I use during the week for him to wash. 

I often don't fold the clothes until I need the basket...or the dryer.  Wherever they might be.

Dust? What is this mysterious activity I keep hearing about?

I secretly don't want my baby to start crawling, because then I will have to baby proof the house and be a tidy person.  Not to mention, where will I put all my projects?  It's either projecting on the floor or nothing in this house!

More often than not, we eat on the couch in front of the TV instead of at the table. Usually because there is not room at the table if the sewing machine is out.

I cheat. I count certain forms of housework as exercise.

"Mormon Mom" bloggers may seem like they have it all together: perfect house, perfect kids, etc.  We don't.  Our kids poop up their backs, just like anyone else's kids do.  We sometimes have to learn things the hard way, like to strap the baby into the bouncy chair instead of assuming he will just stay there.  We burn dinner.  We break dishes.  We are just people too.  I think the reason Mormon Mommy blogs are so popular is because we are embracing the role of Wife and Mother, and it is very fulfilling.  Some women have drifted away from that, and maybe even wish they had it.  Nurturing, I believe, is part of Woman's nature. 

If I spent as much time cleaning my house as I do watching Studio 5 and facebooking and blogging, I might have a nice clean house.