Thursday, February 3, 2011

creating a home...

I have been married for a while now.  We're not exactly rich college students.  We have only hand-me-down furniture in mis-matched colors.  We live in the Ritz  A mansion  our own house A dingy apartment with old carpet and, though it makes me sick to say it, an occasional cockroach.  I have tried to make do, and then I graduated to dollar store decor in an attempt to tie together all the randomness.  Not really working.  I am SO OVER the randomness!!  Consequently I have found myself knee deep in a project to make my living room look like somewhere a rainbow DIDN'T barf.  We really don't have a lot of money, so still no matching furniture.  But I was able to find a sheet set I liked to make a kind of slip cover for one of my couches, get rid of the polka-dot curtains, and re-paint a few picture frames.  But here is what I have found about doing things on the cheap:  it will ALWAYS takes at least twice the effort, it won't really(at least when I do it) look professional and posh, the baby will always be much more interested in my project than his toys, and I have to go back to the craft store lots of times.  Still, I am excited about this project.  But it's going slow.  Between diaper changes and keeping tools and parts out of tiny hands just pinning a sheet to the couch has taken three days.  And now I have to put everything on hold to spend the day doing laundry and dishes and packing for a weekend with Grandma.  Having a half done room feels worse than having a rainbow puke room!  But I am having fun and I am totally in love with the room in my head.  Now(and by now I mean Later.  Laundry, member?) I just need to figure out something new to put over the window so I don't have tiny neighbor faces peering in all the time.
See? Rainbow barf.  Pillow, couch, green bookshelf in the background.  My taste has changed since my first room at college.  OUT YOU GO RAINBOW!