Friday, April 22, 2011

Best day EVER!

DISCLAIMER: there are no pictures with this post.

So, one day (it was today) I got to drop off the baby with my sister and spend some time with my Hunky Hubs.  I went with him to his symposium(I know.  It just makes your skin tingle to read the word, huh?), and everyone presented in only Spanish(I am NOT bilingual).  But it was ok to be bored, cause my husband was better looking than anyone else in that room, and I got to just sit and look at him for a while.  So that was pretty nice. 

The best thing happened after, when we went to pick up Muffin.  There was my sister, and there was Muffin...with no pants.  It happens often at home(the little nudist!) but I try to keep him dressed when I take him out.  I KNOW he had pants on when I dropped him off.  My sister had her grossed out face on.  Apparently my sister's (sorta) boyfriend was there, holding my kid, being gallant and impressive and Muffin PEED ALL OVER HIM! Bahaha!  Wow.  Sorry about your shirt strange man.