Sunday, September 9, 2012

bragging time...

I got a call from the Hubs today.  It was downright therapeutic to hear his voice.  He is amazing and I am sooo proud of him.  What kind of person is actually GOOD at boot camp?!  Turns out Hubs is!

Hubs passed the basic physical training requirements for BMT at his 2 week evaluation.  He is now working towards a WarHawk, which is the highest level of honors for the PT graduation.  This award is fantastic because it means we get to spend an extra day with him over the graduation weekend.

Hubs is gaining weight!  For any of you that know him, this is significant.  He had to get a weight waiver from the doctor that performed his physical before he was allowed to join.  He has gained 20 pounds in 6 weeks, most of it muscle.  Excited to see him? Yes I am.

Hubs has always been good at school.  BMT(Basic Military Training) is no different.  He gets most of the answers right and is good at memorizing...whatever it is that Trainees have to memorize.

Since he knows the answers to the questions, Hubs has been made BEAST Monitor.  This means he is in charge of a group of guys during their deployment simulation campout of doom.  If they do well they have another chance to earn an extra town pass, so here's hoping!

He has been able to stay under the radar, besides one smiling incident and misplacing his fingernail clippers the first week.  This means that, besides those two times, he has not earned himself any extra push-ups, gotten his phone privileges taken away, or put on Latrine Duty (you do NOT want that duty!).

He flew through the obstacle course and has become a very good runner.  At his 2 week evaluation he ran 1.5 miles in 9 minutes and 40 seconds, and is just getting faster.  He is just 6 seconds behind the fastest guy in the flight.  This is awesome to me because if he is fast he gets to run at the front of the pack during the Airmans' Run(the first event of graduation weekend, and the first glimpse we get of our Airmen), which drastically improves the chance that I will be able to pick him out of the crowd.

I know that if you don't know AB Porter, than you could care less about this post.  But I really want to remember how well he has done.

And now, a sad/funny story as related to me in a letter, because Grandpa will laugh, and so will my FAJ(you know who you are :)

"Today our MTI (military training instructor) was checking people's drawers to see what we could improve on.  Well, as he was going around, all of a sudden he yells "DID A FREAKING CAT CRAP IN YOUR DRAWER?!?"  He then pulled out the skid-markedest pair of undies I have ever seen.  He then made the trainee parade them around the dorm so everyone could see them, then he made him go to the OTHER dorm across the call and show all of them, then he made him throw away his skid-marked panties(AB Porter's words, not mine! Whitey tighties are standard issue).  I haven't laughed so hard for the entire time I've been here."

Dear Skid(don't worry, no one outside those 2 dorms knows who you are) Thank you for the laugh.  It let me know that my hubs is still himself, for which I apologize.  He hasn't got an ounce of sympathy in his body.  I'm sorry for your embarrassment, the cafeteria food is not your fault.