Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sorry, world!

I was really mean and I taunted you all with stories of my living-room make over and then NEVER posted anything more.  Well, here's the thing...

1) my babe was sick for like, 2 weeks!  Who can get anything done THEN?
2) My camera sucks.  I can't keep it in batteries!  I thought rechargeable ones would do the trick, but no.  So, I have to be really fast and trick-sy to GET the pictures, then I have to switch the card to my husband's camera so I can use up ITS batteries while I download pictures.  No, I can't just use his, it takes crap-for-pictures. 
See?! See how poor and pitiful I am?  Ok...kindof a lame list of excuses.  Here's what is going on with the living room so far:

Couch Cover almost done.  I still need to hem and tack on the ruffle pieces.  I also need to pin the seat better so Muffin doesn't un-tuck it every time he pulls himself up on it.  But it's coming right along.

Pillows I destroyed  one existing pillow for it's guts...I have yet to actually make any pillows.

Curtains YAY!  Totally finished.  Um, I bought them.

Nate Berkus Bookshelf Crates found and stacked!  I just need a picture of this one.

Picture Frames painted and back on the wall.

Wow that doesn't look like much.  But it is going to look SO posh when I'm done.  I'll duke it out with the camera soon!