Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Our ward is having a pinewood derby.  My husband got totally stoked about it, so we decided to do one.  After some consideration, I decided that I was going to carve mine to look like this:


My husband went on a google quest for tips to making the best car. Google said to bake the block to remove moisture and, consequently, weight.  We forgot it was in the oven... Apparently leaving a block of wood in the oven for 4 hours does the same thing it would to a pan of brownies.  Rock hard and  IMPOSSIBLE  TO CARVE!  After 3 hours with a pocket knife, my work of art was well on it's way to looking like an automobile.  It was shaped like this

That's almost more like a BelAir shape than a block of wood shape, eh? I have blisters on my hands and wood shavings everywhere!  They seriously put these projects in the hands of 9 year-olds?!  GAH!  It MUST be easier if you don't bake the block, right?  Whittling with a pocket knife always looked so easy in the movies.

All I can say is, I better win that race.