Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear Little Boy,

We know you are waiting for us to find you.  I think of you every hour, every day.  You have been part of our family since Heavenly Father told us to start looking for you.  Even before that I knew I wanted a little black boy to be part of our family.

We finally think we know which corner of this wide world to find you in.  I wish I could tell you " I love you.  We're coming!"  I wish I could tell your birth-mother "Thank you" for bringing you into the world for us.  I want to hug her and tell her that I will take good care of her precious boy.  I hope I find out what happened to her, why you are in an orphanage, why she had to go.

I wish I could ask her all about you too.  Where were you born? Do you look like her?  What is something important to her that I can teach you?  What were you like as a baby?  Were you a good sleeper? A snuggler?

Papi and Muffin are excited to find you too.  Muffin reminds us that we are saving money to find his "lost brother," and that's what he wants to save his pennies for too.

I try to remember that when I finally find you, you might be nervous of me.  I am a stranger, and I will be taking you away to a strange new place without all your friends and caregivers.  Even familiar sounds and smells will be left behind.  So, little boy, I will try not to be sad when you don't jump into my arms and snuggle into my neck right away.

I hope you can feel that someone is looking for you, that you will have a family again.  We're coming!!

Momma and Papi