Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confessions of a slacker mom...

I don't bathe the baby every day.  And if we are going to Grandma's he gets an extra coat of lotion so she won't ask when the last time I bathed him was.

Sometimes he stays in his jammies all day too.

Sometimes I lay the baby down when he isn't tired, simply because I am tired.  There's a chance he will lay there and play nice for a while, right?

The baby likes the dog toys better than his own.  Sometimes I let him play with them.

Best Friends
I don't run the dishwasher until we are out of spoons.

Since Hunk cooks and does dishes on the weekend, I usually leave any pots and pans I use during the week for him to wash. 

I often don't fold the clothes until I need the basket...or the dryer.  Wherever they might be.

Dust? What is this mysterious activity I keep hearing about?

I secretly don't want my baby to start crawling, because then I will have to baby proof the house and be a tidy person.  Not to mention, where will I put all my projects?  It's either projecting on the floor or nothing in this house!

More often than not, we eat on the couch in front of the TV instead of at the table. Usually because there is not room at the table if the sewing machine is out.

I cheat. I count certain forms of housework as exercise.

"Mormon Mom" bloggers may seem like they have it all together: perfect house, perfect kids, etc.  We don't.  Our kids poop up their backs, just like anyone else's kids do.  We sometimes have to learn things the hard way, like to strap the baby into the bouncy chair instead of assuming he will just stay there.  We burn dinner.  We break dishes.  We are just people too.  I think the reason Mormon Mommy blogs are so popular is because we are embracing the role of Wife and Mother, and it is very fulfilling.  Some women have drifted away from that, and maybe even wish they had it.  Nurturing, I believe, is part of Woman's nature. 

If I spent as much time cleaning my house as I do watching Studio 5 and facebooking and blogging, I might have a nice clean house. 


  1. I love your confessions! I do the same things. I also eat chocolate chips every day for a snack. And, I've been known to spank my kids on rare occasion. Oh well... I'm a work in progress.

  2. I LOVE these confessions.
    Lol. I do bathe my baby (well, every other day) but only because I have completely run out of things to do and she can be content in a bathtub for like 45 minutes- and I can sit right next to the tub and read or something. (with one eye on her of course.)
    We stay in our pjs all day long a lot too. The only days we don't are if we go out, or if I was too lazy to put her in pjs the night before...then she's in her clothes from the day before all day. lol.
    And I don't even do laundry! (gasp!) Aaron does it. Every week. He says he loves it. I secretly think he doesn't like the way I do it. lol.

  3. Oh gosh, you guys are so fun. I can't wait to be a mommy just like you!

  4. Well, I am glad my friends in real life liked the post. I put it on Mormon Mommy and got labeled "lazy and gross." I thought these were things that just happened sometimes but apparently the OTHER Mormon Mommies ARE perfect.

  5. No, you are just a normal mom. It is kind of interesting that some "moms" have to act like they have never done any of these things. Studies have shown that bathing your baby every day could be bad for their skin too. The eating on the couch thing - for years our computer was on our kitchen table and even now we don't eat at the kitchen table very often because of papers and other things that land there. I think you are doing great!

  6. I loved your reply to the other mom on Mormon Mommy. I do the same things sometimes. My baby gets a bath every night, but that is because we established it as part of her bedtime routine and without it, she can't fall asleep. We also eat dinner on the couch, though now that she is starting baby foods, we try to eat at the table to establish good habits for her. Does it happen every night though? lol, I wish. I vacuumed the house yesterday, I so think that counts as exercise. And dusting, hmm... not sure when I did that last. Usually it is when people are coming over and I notice that certain things have a strange gray tint to them as I frantically try to make the house presentable. Laundry gets done when the baskets are overflowing and I have no clothes left. Occasionally I am ambitious as do it before it gets to that. Pyper gets dressed every day, except days she is sick. But that is mostly because she has so many gosh-darn cute clothes, I can't bear to not put her in them. I often 'let' Cole do the hand dishes (pots/pans), I hate doing them. And Pyper would much rather have my cell phone than her own toys. I can totally see why your boy likes the dog toys. Pyper has a book that squeaks, sounds just like a dog toy, several of her toys look like dog toys to me, lol. You aren't gross and you aren't a slacker. I think getting better at cleaning the house comes with practice. I can only do it when I can get someone to watch Pyper for a few hours. I try to do the dishes every night, but that is because otherwise, I don't have spoons for Pyper.

  7. by the way: my husband and I have just decided to never fold or put away laundry. Instead we invested in a bunch of big nice baskets. I sort them into baskets per person, but that is the extent of it. I hate folding laundry! SUCH a waste of time. ;)

  8. My baby only gets bathed when my hubby is around to help out. Which means once or twice a week at most. :S But i just can't figure out how to do it by myself yet. Also, the last time i cleaned the house was before Jr showed up. And we always eat our meals on the couch, usually while watching something on tv. This week has been Psych. :D
    that other lady who commented is probably one of those perfectionist people who spends so much time making sure everything looks good and is perfect that they miss out on everything good in life. Probably.
    also, i haven't washed my hair since last week.

  9. You just made me feel better.....because I do all those things too. Sometimes it's best to put your baby down because you are tired. I know that I am cranky when I'm tired and it often stresses out my child. I love you! Hang there. One day your little man will help you with the house work. :)

  10. I just read about your reply on face book. we used to call those type of wpmen MOlly Mormons . they usually end up on drugs . I dont do a good job at cleaning and I always bathed my babies when I took my bath or with my husband and I showerd . as you know i decided a long time ago I was not going to be a great house keeper . I can do lots of things , I can teach anyone almost anything . I can crochet and sew and quilt and im pritty creative writing programs for primary . Truth is I think your baby is happy and healthy . I think you are relistic in your expectations . And well I love you and the muffin and hunk .Keep up the good work

  11. I have a confession. I took 3 naps today. Yup! I've raised 5 children and now watch my grandchild every day. I didn't feel like letting her "help" me do the dishes, so i didn't do them. I left the outside door open while I exercised so she would be distracted by the dogs, and the heater was running. Totally irresponsible. I napped when she did, plus one. I eventually got to the dishes, I made it to New Beginnings (I missed the opening song because I watched the end of my show), and we had leftovers for dinner. We do what we feel is important for us. In the long run it's our love and our talents that get us ahead in life, friends, family, relationships,etc, not how clean the house was or if the dishes and laundry were done in a perfect and timely manner. You enjoy being a first time mom, Kim, and live life as you see fit. I think there is a bit of slacker in most of us.

  12. any mother who thinks the things you do are "lazy and gross" is heading for a nervous breakdown...I tried being the picture-perfect Mormon Mommy, and that's when I had my nervous breakdown. We all have to do what's best to keep ourselves sane...any mother who passes judgement on another mother doing what keeps her healthy and calm is heading for a very hard brick wall...and after she hits it, will start doing exactly what the rest of us do!

  13. I don't see anything gross or lazy about your post. Its realistic. I struggled getting my laundry put away. My solution...get more laundry baskets. I own 7. Lately I've been able to wash dry fold and put away. It may seem silly to others but it is a huge accomplishment to me. Dusting? Do people do that? I vaguely remember it from my childhood. Someday I might dust but my solution right now it to get rid as many things as I can that are collecting dust. Anyway I 100% relate to your post. We all do our best and we shouldn't feel bad about what we can't do. Nor should we judge others. Although it is hard to do both of those sometimes.

  14. You are so funny! I am so not the perfect Mormon mom either.

    The baby and I wore jammies all day today. I only helped my toddler find clothes because he made me.

  15. I think the idea of Mormon Mommy is a myth. I never knew the perfect mother, Mormon or not. For heaven's sake when I was in grad school, had three kids under 6, and hubby deployed for six months, I used to put my kids to bed at 5 so I could get my school work done. My visiting teaching companion told me I was a horror as a mother. Oh get over it!! None of my girls could read a clock yet and they all survived and thrived. LOL

  16. My kids are doing well if they're wearing ANYthing! I'd love to have them in cute little outfits all the time, but with one kid potty training and another who really wants to be, I'd be doing laundry CONSTANTLY and it's not worth it! And to Chris...wow, I can't believe your visiting teaching companion said that to you! My husband's been deployed for ten months now, most of which time I was by myself (towards the end my sister has moved in with me because I had my fourth during that time) and I've had nothing but help and compassion from my ward. I'm sorry she couldn't do the same for you. And I WOULD put my kids to bed at 5 if I could get away with it! ;)

  17. Ha! I think your list of confessions is the same as mine! Were we separated at birth? Well, except we don't have a dog, but we can pretend can't we? Seriously, I TOTALLY put lotion on the kids so they smell clean. AND I don't put them in jammies for bed. They just take them off 2 seconds after I close the door or they pee on them. Why have more dirty laundry. If they're lucky I'll put them in their jammies in the morning, or if they're not lucky they're in their undies or nude. I'd hate to hear what that lady would say about me. She'd probably report me.