Thursday, January 21, 2010


My name is Kim. I am a Stay At Home Mom of one stud-muffin son. When I got pregnant I started doing things that I always thought my mom was weird for doing. MOM things. I realized I needed a bunch of stuff for Muffin, and it would be a lot cheaper if I learned how to make some of them for myself. Come to find out I LOVE doing these things: sewing, crocheting, cooking, etc. I LOVE being the mom. This blog is a place where moms can share and celebrate the things that takes up most of our time and bring us the most joy. This is a place where we can help each other learn to "live after the manner of happiness." So, come follow with us and share your Recipes, Do It Yourself projects, Funny mom stories, and get tips and ask questions. Join in the fun here at Happy Momma!

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