Thursday, January 21, 2010


OK, I have a question.  How long will teething suck?  My perfect baby has turned into a poor little monster.  He doesn't eat nice, he has diarrhea and a sore bum, and he most certainly does NOT sleep 11 or 12 hours any more.  MAKE IT STOP!  ok, that's not a question.  WON"T SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!?!?


  1. My first son thew up everytime he ate .I made sure he was feed every4 hours and a few snaks to boot. I even took him to the docter to make sure he was all right . He eventually grew out of it but for years I never went anyplace without several clothes changes and lots of paper towels .By the way he is a healthy grownup guy who is soomnto be a papi himself. So my answer is he will probably grow out of it and just relax dont force him and give him lots of choices

  2. It won't last-don't worry! :)